About Us!

Hello and welcome to my store!  I am a wife, a mom, a cheerleader, a cleaning lady, a business owner and these days a teacher.  The list goes on!  We as women have a lot on our plates!

As the world is constantly changing and as my kids get older, I realized a few things.  We need more inspiration in our lives!  We need to look for the good, we need to be the good!  We need to be more confident in ourselves and we need to help our kids find confidence in them.  We also need to stop and take time to laugh.  Laugh at life, laugh with our kids!  (This step is important!) I created this business to inspire all of you and to help you know you got this!  You are not alone!  I want to help kids know they can do hard things, they just have to believe in themselves.

I hope our brand can make your day brighter and help you to always remember you can do ANYTHING!